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Escape into the land of spaghetti westerns and the Wild, Wild West when you set foot in El Paso. Tucked away between New Mexico to the north and Mexico to the south, El Paso is a tourist favorite for its unique, distinctly un-Texan flavor and plethora of outdoor activities, which are perfectly offset by the warm, amiable weather. Taking last minute flights to El Paso or getting your hands on low-cost airline tickets to El Paso is a must if you’re looking to experience the authentic Southwest, undiluted by the trappings of the American mainstream.
El Paso’s culture is a unique fusion of American and Mexican traditions, which is reflected in its language, cuisine and people. With its breathtaking desert vistas, piquant Mexican eateries and Southwestern bonhomie, El Paso is a perfect example of a border city and is very family- friendly, having been rated as the safest large city in the US for four consecutive years – yet another reason why you need to grab the next flights to El Paso.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Zin Valle Vineyards
El Paso Museum of History and 3D Digital Wall
El Paso Zoo
Wyler Aerial Tramway
Plaza Theatre