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We value the worth of one’s hard earned money and believe that this hard earned money should be spent economically and wisely in all aspects of life. Therefore we here at TraveloEra.com plan and assist our customers itinerary in such a way that the most of a travel destination, journey and stay is made in the least of fares. To make the most of this offer at the competitive rates mentioned in our sites certain terms and conditions have been set up. When you use our site to book the tickets and itineraries you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set up for the smooth functioning of travel transactions and compliance of legal obligations.

Please oblige us by accepting and agreeing to following terms and conditions of TraveloEra.com.
TraveloEra.com is one of the leading travel websites that offers customers a wide range of competitive rates that is sure to make your trip worth every penny spent wisely. To get a better understanding and insight to the “General Disclaimer” of our website please read the following:-

TraveloEra.com is not the principal service provider. We have associations with several leading consolidators for airlines, cruise lines, travel organizers, consolidators, hotels, car rental companies, insurance providers and credit card companies to run a seamless business organization.

When transactions are made from our website be it of any kind, you acknowledge to pay the fees, taxes and other service related charges retailed by us on the final price agreed between the third party vendors and TraveloEra.com

In the case of financial loss or errors made at the of the third party vendors we are not liable to reimburse the customer. Any failure of travel itineraries chalked out by the third party seller does not entail us to pay back the loss. However, if any such cases may occur, the defaulting party holds the sole responsibility and you can certainly take our support and help to get in touch with them.

We are not liable for liable for any kind o flight delays, re-routing, strikes, government obligations or weather that can affect your travel itinerary/reservations and bookings.

If any injuries, loss, damage or irregularity and non-performance take place on behalf of the airlines, hotels or tour group operators, TraveloEra.com is not responsible for them.

Safe & Secure

TraveloEra.com is also happy to introduce ourselves as one of the safest online source that provides its customer with a safe shopping guarantee. To ensure the privacy of our customer’s personal details and safety of the travel related products that they might be purchasing we use the following:-

A payment gateway on a secure server compatible to all sorts of browsers such as Mozilla, Microsoft internet explorer, safari, Netscape and Google chrome is used.

To encrypt alls sensitive information like those of a credit card a data encryption technology has been installed which avoids any other party or person from getting it. Discreet disclosure is maintained on the website.

We guarantee safe purchase, however if any kind of unauthorized transactions has been made or levied on your credit card while using the website then we are responsible to pay back the loss to all possible limits. Apart from that you need to check as per the same with your credit card provider.